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  • Comes with easy-setup frame and bag
  • Lasts up to 1 year with proper care
  • Overnight printing available

What Are the Standard Display Sizes Available?

We offer three standard sizes that vary in width and height. Choose dimensions that will suit the overall readability and layout of your design.

  • 33.5” x 80” is the most popular option among customers as it has just enough space for a central image and highlighted text. Ideal for a retractable banner design focused on a central product, service or company branding aspect.
  • 47” x 80” is the widest display size among the three choices. Highly recommended for designs with lengthier text or several visual elements.

Print retractable banners with us today and your order can last a minimum of 1 year with the proper care and maintenance. XpressColor.com promises excellent quality and long-term use with your retractable banner stand.

Customize Your Retractable Banners in Three Easy Steps

Step 1. Choose the size. Our custom retractable banners are available in three sizes: 33” x 80”, and 48” x 80”.

Step 2. Select the quantity and turnaround time. You can order as few as one (1) retractable banner from our website. The maximum quantity offered in our product calculator is 5 pieces. If you want a custom quote, just give us a call at 954-581-9202 or send us an email (Info@xpresscolor.com).
Standard turnaround time for our custom retractable banners is  (3) business days. If you want to speed up the production, we can print your banners in next  business days for an additional fee.
Step 3. Upload your artwork or create one on our website. If you have a print-ready artwork that you want to use for your roll-up or pull-up banners, you can upload it on our website. You may also request for a  PDF proof so you can check for any errors before printing.


Do the retractable banner signs come with a replacement banner?
We do not include a replacement banner with your order, but by default it includes a stand.

Note: All retractable banners arrive assembled to the frame and are stored with the other accessories (as listed in the assembly instructions above) in a carrying bag.

What are the best ways to design a retractable banner?
Follow these tips to create an impactful retractable banner design:

  • Go big or go home. Don’t hold back when it comes to the sizes of fonts and images. They have to be large enough for everyone to see from a distance.
  • Compare and complement. Make sure every important detail is readable against its background. Use colors that contrast or shades that complement one another.
  • Keep it simple. The design should only have one main message. This keeps the customer’s focus. Too many elements can discourage them from looking at your banner.

Can I use my retractable banner outdoors?
Yes, your banners are waterproof and UV-resistant, so you can set up outside. However, we do recommend storing banners away as soon as you are done using them so they last longer.

How does a retractable banner work?
Retractable banners have mechanical springs that pull the graphic into the base. This hides the banner into the stand, so you can easily carry and store it when not in use. You can learn more about how pull-banners work by checking out the setup instructions above.

What are the available sizes of retractable banners?
We offer retractable banners in two (2) sizes: 33.5” x 80”, and 47” x 80”.

What is the standard size of a pull-up banner?
Retractable banners come in a variety of sizes. Although there’s no specific standard size (as this depends on the printer), our 33.5” x 79” pull-up banner is our most popular option and what we would consider a standard size.

How much does it cost to print a roll-up banner?
The cost of a roll-up or retractable banner depends on a number of factors: 1) size, 2) quantity, and 3) printing turnaround. The larger the banner, the more expensive it is going to be because of the material and resources used in printing. It also follows that price increases the more pieces you order. Lastly, the sooner you print your order, the higher the cost will be.

How do I make custom banners?
You can create custom retractable banners by heading over to the product calculator on this page. Choose your specifications and upload your artwork. If you don’t have an artwork yet, you can  hire our professional designer to create your design? You may call today to speak to our Representatives at 954-581-9202

What file formats do you accept when uploading my design?

We accept TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF files. PSD, PDF, and AI files should be in CMYK color mode to ensure accurate color output. The resolution of your files should be set to 300 dpi, unless stated otherwise.

Custom Request or Questions?

If the options you are looking for are not available in this product page, or if you do not have a print ready file and you need us to provide a design template, please send a request to info@xpresscolor.com or use the Quote Button in the main navigation menu above. Be sure to include your information and anything else required


33" x 80"1$ 165.00
2$ 320.00
3$ 460.00
4$ 610.00
5$ 750.00
6$ 897.00
48" x 80"1$ 188.00
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Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.