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Maximize your brand exposure without breaking the bank!

Say goodbye to expensive billboards and hello to affordable and flexible Car Magnets. These magnets allow you to advertise your brand everywhere you go, leveraging work-related travels to increase brand awareness andhe market yourself around town. Worried about damage and ease of use? Don't be! Our car magnets are non-permanent, non-damaging, and easy to change. Plus, they're weather-resistant with a protective UV coating for long-lasting quality. With 8 different sizes available, you can find the perfect fit for your space. Just make sure the surface is flat and not made of fiberglass, as magnets won't stick. If you're unsure, try a regular refrigerator magnet - if it sticks, so will your Car Magnet.

Maximize Your Marketing Potential with Reflective Magnets

Don't miss out on any opportunity to reach your target audience. Reflective magnets offer a versatile and effective solution for mobile advertising and outdoor use. With their 4mil reflective vinyl and micro plastic beads, these magnets provide a highly reflective display that remains visible, even in low-light conditions.

During the day, these magnets are attractive and durable, grabbing attention from every angle. At night, they reflect light from other sources, ensuring your signage is noticed 24/7.

While commonly used for road traffic signs and safety materials, these magnets can be easily applied to any flat surface, such as a car. This means you can maximize your message and extend your reach wherever you go. Rain or shine, these reflective magnets are the perfect investment for your marketing efforts.


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Car Magnet Printing Q&A

How long do car magnets last?

With proper care and cleaning, car magnets can last between 1 to 2 years.

How do I install my car magnets?

It’s easy to apply your car magnets from XpressColor Just follow these steps:

  1. Clean the surface where your magnets will be placed and allow time to dry. Be sure that area is flat without molding, lettering, or trim work.
  2. Simply line up your magnet and roll it across the surface to apply. Make sure there are no air bubbles.

Will the magnet remove paint from my car?

No, magnets will not affect the paint on your car. However, you should check and make sure there’s no dirt or abrasive particles under your magnets when you apply them as this may cause scratches when they are repositioned. We also recommend occasionally removing the magnet so that the covered area gets some sun exposure and the color matches with the rest of your vehicle.

How do I clean my car magnets?

A soft wet cloth or paper towel with non-abrasive chemicals and soap works well for cleaning car magnets.

Can I use my car magnet on any type of vehicle?

Your car magnets will stick to any vehicle made from ferromagnetic metals like iron and steel. It will not stick to aluminum, fiberglass, wood, plastics, or body repair fillers.

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